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We are the only dealer of Spinolution Wheels in Colorado

Ergonomic, effortless spinning

Many spinners who experience ankle, knee, hip, and joint pain spinning on other wheels have switched to SpinOlution and can spin without pain.

Our multi-bearing treadle design is known for it’s superior comfort as it “glides” from side to side, keeping the impact low on your ankles and knees, and our Golden Whorl models require minimal effort to treadle.

Our wheels build momentum as you spin, and continue spinning with minimal effort. Spinners describe our treadling experience as a “gentle pendulum motion that creates a meditative rhythm for spinning in flow.”

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 1.31.03 PM.png

The fastest flyers on the market today, WITH GOLDEN WHORL ENGINEERING

  • Firefly - Highest Electric Wheel on the Market @ 3200 RPM

  • Monarch - Highest Ratio is 1:52 on the 4A Flyer Head

  • Queen Bee - Highest Ratio is 1:44

  • Echo - Highest Ratio is 1:40 on the 4A Flyer Head

  • Pollywog - Highest accelerated ratio is 1:33

  • King Bee - Highest Ratio is 1:28

  • Worker Bee - Highest Ratio is 1:26

  • Bullfrog - Highest ratio is 1:18

  • Hopper - Highest ratio is 1:18

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