The Echo was designed as an economical option for spinners wanting a functional, lightweight wheel. Simple enough for every new spinner to learn and grow on, and engineered for all spinners to enjoy. Weighing only 14 pounds, you can carry this wheel to vending events and classes with the handle in the back of the head. Priced similarly to the Pollywog (if you include all the accessories) this affordable spinning wheel is the perfect choice for spinners wanting one wheel to meet all their needs.

The standard Lazy Kate attaches to the back of the Echo for convenient plying. The Skein Winder fits both the 8 oz and 16 oz setups for efficiently unwinding bobbins into skeins. With the by-passable hook orifice, you can spin any weight of yarn - or include any embellishment - without getting stuck in an orifice. Magnetic bobbins make switching bobbins & production spinning effortless. The stretchy drive band can be moved to different ratios (speeds) in seconds. The treadling action is ergonomic, effortless, smooth and silent. 



  • $659 - Wheel + 4 oz Flyer + 3 Bobbins

  • $809 - Wheel + 4A Flyer + 3 Bobbins

  • $809 - Wheel + 8 oz Flyer + 3 Bobbins

  • $919 - Wheel + 16 oz Flyer + 3 Bobbins


Purchase an Echo Package for two flyer sizes (including three bobbins each) plus lazy kate, skein winder, and tube orifice accessories for a complete fiber arts studio setup.

  • $1549 - 4A + 8 oz Package

  • $1469 - 4 oz + 16 oz Package

  • $1549 - 8 oz + 16 oz Package

  • $1549 - 8 oz & 32 oz Package

  • $1579 - 16 oz + 32 oz Package


If item is not currently in stock in the store, we will be glad to order it for you!

Once the order is placed it will take about 4-6 weeks for FREE delivery, and that someone will contact you ASAP to confirm an expected delivery date.

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