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Majacraft Wheels

All our wheels are designed specifically to make the experience of spinning on them as easy and pleasurable as possible. We have high standards and high expectations of our wheels, they must be smooth to pedal, stable, and well balanced. We want you to be able to spin comfortably for hours on a wheel that works with you to create the yarns you imagined the moment you felt the fibre in your hands and set your feet to the treadles.

We pay attention to the details, for example, all of the Rimu in our wheels is color matched, we even sand the UNDERNEATH of our wheels, and instead of using standard hinges from a hardware store, we have our own stainless steel hinges custom made. All products have been designed to interchange parts within practical constraints. Pulleys, bobbins and flyers fit across our wheel range. It has never made sense to us to buy the same product twice so why would we expect Majacraft users to do the same?

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