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Majacraft Luna

Majacraft Luna


The Luna is an innovative new wheel, designed to be so smooth it makes spinning a breeze. The extra stability of the inline design and our drive system combine to provide a lovely spinning experience on a wheel that is responsive and easy to use.


Our goal in creating this new spinning wheel was to develop an inline wheel with a small and friendly feel to it, that is as accessible for new spinners as it is accommodating for experienced spinners. Of course, the look and style of this wheel were also a nice challenge to create! We wanted to make a wheel that would take advantage of the properties of the bamboo wood that we have chosen for its construction. This is a very durable and stable wood with an interesting grain which is ideal for creating a wide range of beautiful shapes. 


An interesting aspect of Luna is the orientation of the drive wheel, with the spin direction towards or away from the spinner. Many spinning wheels with this kind of orientation have a direct drive system that uses the treadles to turn a small rubber wheel that sits against the side of the drive wheel, turning it with friction. We designed Luna to run on a drive band instead, using the super reliable Little Gem crank as a foundation which provides a really natural feel to spinning. The rotation of the drive wheel matching the direction of the stem enhances the stability of the Luna in amazing ways.


Luna comes standard with four of our lightweight black plastic molded 4oz(+) bobbins. It is fitted with a five groove pulley which gives you ratios ranging from 6:1 to 14:1. It comes equipped with our lovely fine flyer with the smooth round ceramic orifice – ideal for spinning traditional yarns. The orifice height, measured from the fine flyer orifice is 690mm from the floor. For comparison, the Aura orifice height is 730mm, and the Gem is 640mm, however, Luna is designed in such a way that if you place your hands in your normal spinning position, the orifice will be pointing directly toward them.

Luna weighs in at 7 kilos (15.4 pounds), enough to add stability yet still easy to pick up and move around as needed. One of the coolest things is that Luna arrives to you in the box, fully constructed, all you have to do is add the drive bands! 


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