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"A small New England fiber company with a mission.

We work to support pastoral communities that have been historically in conflict with the US. Currently we are working with the Navajo to offer fair market prices for the Rambouillet sheep wool raised by families in the Navajo Nation.

Our yarn is made of this wool blended with a domestic fine wool and mohair for strength.

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Peace fleece was started during the Cold War between the US and Russia, using Russian wool and spun in the US. Now the idea has transitioned to peace in our own country. The owners son worked on a documentary with groups from the Lakota and Dakota Native Americans, which shifted the thinking.
"Rather than working overseas, should we not refocus Peace Fleece’s efforts to better understand what we did to the Native Americans?  Might this not be an important step in healing the social and political divisions that plague our country today?"
In 2010 Peace Fleece purchased its first native Rambouillet wool from the Cook Ranch on South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Reservation, beginning the journey of learning what happened to these tribes a century and a half ago.


Harrisville Designs yarns are created
in New Hampshire.
We also carry Harrisville Shetland Yarns and Friendly Looms.
The mill just celebrated their 50th anniversary after re-opening! 

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