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Hand spun yarns are the 5th step: 1) Raise the animal 2) Annually shear the animal (when you "cut their hair") 3) Skirt the raw fleece to take off anything you don't want in the final product (like vegetation and icky bits) 4) Get it to the mill to be washed and combed into roving on big machines 5) Using a spinning wheel to add twist to the fiber which creates yarn. The next step is up to you!

Want to try spinning your own? Check out our "Classes" tab, or reach out!

Colorado Made

Karen began handspinning to use the fiber from her alpaca herd. 

Once you head down that rabbit hole, it's a slippery slope, and here we are- in a Colorado yarn store!

Handspun yarns are created by Karen, and many are still alpaca while others are beautiful wools and wool blends from indie dyers.

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