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4-ply Bamboo Yarns spun in Texas, and dyed here in Colorado!

Theadora's Pearls bamboo yarns are spun with two thicker and two thinner yarns in the ply allowing for depth of color, and less of the super-slippery feel making it easier to knit and crochet with than other bamboo yarns.

If you are a spinner, check out the cashmere/merino fiber!

Colorado Dyed

A yarn and color designer, Jennifer is the creator of Theodora’s Pearls, internationally-known handpainted and hand-dyed yarns, featuring unusual and luxury fibers. Jennifer is dedicated to promoting creative confidence in every knitter, enhancing knitting skills, and encouraging new and innovative experimentation in yarn!
A self-taught artist, sourcing inspiration from the natural world, folk art, and historical textiles, she shares her own creative journey as an example of how you can express yourself through fiber, creating beauty, harmony, and functionality.

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