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Gradient Style

Gradient Style

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Gradient yarns and colorful color-shifting patterns are everywhere in knitting today! Knowing what and how to knit with color-shifting yarns, and how to combine colors for successful color-fade projects, can be a challenge. Let the Editors at Interweave be your guide to the colorful world of knitting gradients with Gradient Style. Inside this comprehensive guide to putting gradients yarns to work you'll find:

   • Detailed information on selecting, combining, and knitting colored yarns into unique gradient effects.
   • Tips to help avoid common color-shifting mistakes such as color pooling and uneven striping when working with gradient skeins.
   • 20 beautiful gradient knitted patterns to explore gradient techniques in inspiring, wearable designs including both garments and accessories!
 Shift your knitting to another colorful level with Gradient Style!

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