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Louet Victoria

Louet Victoria

The Victoria is the ultimate travel wheel.  Fine engineering and outstanding craftsmanship in a tremendously functional spinning wheel that folds flat, and at 8 lbs, fits in the overhead of an airplane.  Victoria is a double treadle, scotch tension wheel, perfect for spinning fine to medium yarns.

We often spot Instagram photos of a Victoria wheel on the go… the wheel fits perfectly in an RV, too! A fabulous travel wheel with no compromise on quality, making the Victoria a favorite for spinning at home, as well.


  • Lacquered Beech Finish (S95)
  • Lacquered Oak finish (S96)
  • Fully Loaded Package (includes all accessories)


Our bobbins all have whirls with options for ratio settings, allowing you to customize your yarn.  These ratios for the Victoria are:

  • 1:6- For use with heavy yarns and slow spinning
  • 1:8.5- Perfect for medium yarns
  • 1:13- Used with fine yarns or fast spinning
  • 1:20- For very fine yarns + high speed set


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