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Louet Classic 7.5" Drum Carder

Louet Classic 7.5" Drum Carder

The perfect carder for carding lots of thick batts fast. Great for layers for felt making and color blending as well. Compared to the new Standard Drum carder, the cloth has more sparse and taller teeth (46 teeth oer square inch, 5/8″ long) and the teeth were designed to intertwine. This makes the Classic Drumcarder more suitable for medium to long fibers.


Louet drum carders are designed with ease and efficiency in mind, so that your carding time is productive, adjustment-free and enjoyable. The non-slipping gears are enclosed in a gearbox and require no additional lubrication or adjustment. The sides of the gearbox also serve to keep the fibers on the carder, away from the shafts and sides. The teeth on the licker drum and main drum intermesh, unique to drum carders on the market, ensuring that the fibers are combed more thoroughly. The flexibility of the teeth allows them to bend and flex, providing gentle pressure on the fibers. In order to ensure a long life, the teeth of all our carding cloth are made of nickel plated steel wire.

All drum carders are made of laminated birch and have a hard white coating.

An instruction manual written by well-known author and fiber artist Deb Menz is included with all drumcarders.

Carding and combing are pre-spinning treatments to align the fibers which enables you to spin fibers more easily. For the technique of felting or making woolen blankets, carding is essential. Combing straightens the fibers more than carding. This difference determines the character of the spun thread: worsted or woolen-spun.

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