Meet The Alpaca

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All of our Blazing Star Ranch Alpaca are bred for being able to keep their
fineness and density as they age, creating superior fleece animals.



 The star of Blazing Star, Patron is a multi-banner winner, producing many amazing offspring. We finally have some of his yarn in stock!


a glowing light fawn


Dynasty has been awarded multiple Blue Ribbons, Banners, Spirit of the Industry and even the belt buckle for Judge's Choice!



Best Bred and Owned

BSRA Sizzlin' Dee-Vassar is a power house of genetics.  Her dam is a Judge's Choice winner and her sire is a multi champion male.  Her paternal half brother is one of the most decorated alpacas of all time.  Named for two amazing women in my life, she couldn't help but be great. She is bred to Patron for a summer 2021 cria.  Should be a great one!

Minnie Pearl

Patron's 1st daughter

BSRA Minnie Pearl has the distinction of being Patron's first cria and is a Color Champion herself!  She has proven herself to be an excellent mom--having been cooped up with her first cria, Ava,for 8 weeks after Ava broke her leg at a month old, requiring surgery.  Minnie handles it like the champion she is!

She has a very lovely bright fleece in the most gorgeous rose gray like her dad.




This lovely boy has provided amazing rose grey fiber and yarn! 

Lil' Dude



This little fawn will never be a show-stopper with his fiber, but his personality makes up for it!



BSRA Francisco

Cisco has several blue ribbons to his name and is now a dad.  He boasts a gorgeous, dense medium fawn fleece.  We are just now getting a lot of it processed, as his fleece made the rounds of fleece shows for a bit.  He made me a believer in acupuncture.  Cisco was injured by a bigger cria at a few hours old.  The injury wasn't apparent until he was a few months old.  The vet did acupuncture on him and the result was amazing!


Bright, white fleece

BSRA White Diamond's Tiara comes from my most powerful white maternal line.  Tiara is the result of a champion white female bred to a champion appaloosa male.  While not an appy herself, she carries the gene and her first cria is our multi champion appaloosa boy,  BSRA Blade Runner's Requiem.  Tia's fleece is buttery soft with beautiful brightness!




Rocky Mountain Royal White is Elizabeth's daughter.  Continuing in the family tradition, she had to outdo her dam by taking a Judge's Choice.  Dee is her daughter.  Royal is expecting a 2021 cria.  The sire is an outstanding male, so we expect this cria to be something special!



Margarita of FRA has the distinction of being the dam of our 20x banner winner, Spirit of the Industry award winner, and 1st in Get of Sire winner, BSRA Snowmass Enlightenment's Patron.

If she never did anything else, that would be enough. But she is also the dam of Rose and 2 others and is expecting a cria this summer.  Her rich reddish brown fleece has been in demand and is now part of many beautiful garments.




Eva is a lovely rose grey with a very sweet face!


a true black

Amazingly soft fiber- especially for black fleece!


Cover Girl


Cover Girl was special from the moment she was born.  Plus, her mom is Loreal and her grandma was Maybelline.  So Cover Girl had to be her name and she has lived up to it.  She had an award winning show career and has produced several beautiful cria, one of which is Cisco.  Cover Girl resides at another farm now.



White Diamond's Elizabeth was our very first Color Champion.  She is still a stunner with 19-20 micron fleece at almost 10 years old,  She is part of my best maternal line. Truly a foundation female.


Harry Potta


Harry Potta was born with a lightening bolt on his forehead which was really visible before his top knit grew in.

He is a gorgeous dark rose gray who now happily resides in Tabernash, CO


Fleece Machine

Kokopelli's Song Santana is a fleece machine!

He is in the top 1% in EPD's for staple length.  In his most prime years, his staple length was 4.5-5".  A beautiful peachy medium fawn, he has provided us with lots of beautiful yarn and roving.  He now resides with Charlie up in Tabernash, greatly enjoying that lush grass!



BSR's rye face boy with incredible fleece!

We actually sold out of two year's worth of his fiber within the first month of having it in at

grade "1" and "0" !




EON WhIte Diamond is the grand dame of our herd.  Still maintaining a 20 micron fleece at 13 years of age, she is what we breed for.  She is the dam of Elizabeth and Tiara, granddam to Royal, Blade, and Emily and great granddam to Dee.



Mahogony Rose has been a prolific fiber producer.  With a soft brown fleece, she has provided much of the roving for our handspun and many skeins of yarn.  She has moved on to another farm.

Emmy Lou


Emmy Lou is one of my favorite girls.  Sporting a black heart on her right hip, she has the most lovely silver gray fleece.  She is a bit of a primadonna at times, once having to be carried into the show ring at the National Western Stock Show because she refused to walk, where she took Reserve Champion.  The judge said he was happy we were able to get her there because she "is a really nice one!"  She has had two cria by Patron--both beautiful rose gray boys.




BSRA Socrates got his name from his front white knee socks.  His fleece has appeared in many of our handspun yarns.  I love how buttery soft it is when spinning it!  He now resides in Tabernash.



Twitter took a second place in fleece at the

Estes Park Wool Festival. She is Tweeter's daughter, and has had two cria of her own.

Her medium silver fleece is still very soft at over 10 years old.



Vixen was one of the original Blazing Star herd.

She is Dam to Valencia and Emmy Lou, and Jordan's Grand-Dam. She was acquired for her Canadian bloodline.

Another medium grey, she has retained much of her fineness.



One of the original Blazing Star Herd, she is the Dam to Charlie and Socks.

A lovely, soft white, she has retained great quality in her fleeces and now resides in East Boulder, CO.



The first born in the Blazing Star herd,

Tupelo Honey and Buttercup were her parents.   A large strong girl with consistent white fleece, she now enjoys her retirement in East Boulder, CO.



EON Loreal

EON Loreal  was one of our very first alpacas.

A beautiful blue ribbon winning fawn female, she gave us several amazing cria.  Loreal is now at another farm and going into her senior years, but we still have some of lovely fiber both as roving and yarn.



Stormy got his name because he was born just as a big storm was blowing in.  He has the most beautiful rich, brown fleece.  He is living the good life up in Tabernash with severall of his buddies.




Iceman has the most buttery, soft fleece.  If you're lucky, you have knitted with a skein of his yarn.  A well behaved boy in the show ring, he now resides in Tabernash!



The namesake of the farm, he was the first alpaca Karen owned. He is a lovely light fawn who produces very consistent, bright fiber. He is now retired, and acts as the Patriarch to the herd of boys up in Tabernash, CO.



Brightness in Fawn

BSRA Charlemagne (Charlie) has always been one of my favorites.  He was the cutest little cria!  Charlie boasts probably the brightest fleece we have ever produced.  He currently resides at a friends farm in Tabernash where he gets to gorge on lush grass all summer.  This summer we will probably be breeding a couple of girls to him.  Lucky Charlie!

If you are looking to expand your herd and are interested in the alpaca breeding program, get in touch with Karen for the current animals for sale.

In a normal year, farm tours are available by appointment or on designated events.
Let us know if you want to visit Blazing Star Ranch!
In the meantime, enjoy the amazing yarn and fiber that comes from the animals living there.