As crocheters, we often get overlooked.
Not anymore!
Let's band together once a week and practice our craft.


5-8 pm the first 2 Tuesdays!

So what do we do in
Crochet club anyway?

 The First Tuesday of the month is "Hat-a-Month"
I supply the pattern, and we all work together.
The goal is to have a manageable enough pattern to complete a project every month.

The Second Tuesday is "Granny Squares"
I will have lots of examples to accommodate beginners and more advanced crocheters.
You will also find that the traditional Granny Squares have come a long way!
In the end it is building with blocks... and other shapes as we go along.


The Third Tuesday will have a changing theme
If we start a more complicated hat the first week, we could use this time to work on that as well as open crochet. I am always open to ideas, so let me know what strikes your fancy.

What Crochet Club is not:
A traditional class. I am available to assist, but not teach an individual how to crochet basic stitches.
I do teach beginning crochet as a class separate to Tuesday nights, or if you can learn from
YouTube, practice getting your stitches consistent.

If you are excited about this as I am, There are 2 ways to participate.

$5 each evening you attend- that's right- the price of a cup of coffee for 3 hrs of fun.

For a recurring $10/mo, you can:
attend as many as you wish for free
Get your pattern free on the first Monday
Receive exclusive member discounts that will change every month
Every 5 nights you attend, you will receive a goodie bag!

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Crochet Club

at Blazing Star Ranch

  • Crochet Club

    Every month
    Meets the first 3 Tuesdays of the month
    • Tuesday nights will be FREE for members
    • 1 FREE pattern a month- whatever we start on the first Tues
    • Exclusive secret monthly discounts
    • Every 5 nights attended, you get a goodie bag!
    • and more to come...